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Earn your degree based on your prior Life & Work Experience


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Turn your professional life experience into the University Degree you deserve, worry free! No Need to Take Admission Exams, No Need To Study, Receive a College Degree for What You Already Know!

You can now earn a U.S. Accredited College Degree based on your life experience discreetly. Our program is designed to help qualified adults who need a degree to advance their career but are concerned about the reputation or acceptance of their school.

We protect your privacy. The school website looks like any traditional university website. When you need degree verification, no worries, you’ll receive degree verification free from any concerns.

Get your degree using your life experience instead of attending classes

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We have helped thousands of qualified adults obtain a real accredited degrees based on their prior work and life experience and we look forward to helping you.

Life experience degrees provide an excellent opportunity for many candidates to 'afford' the luxury of higher education by recognizing that they have already been educated to a great extent already.

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The only qualification we require for a degree is that you should have an adequate work, life, military experience or classroom education

Our online degrees, diplomas and doctorate programs are available for all working adults and job seekers regardless of their age, sex, marital status or physical location. The only qualification we require for a degree is that you should have an adequate work, life, military experience or classroom education. Read on to learn more about our University and the degree programs we offer or click here to see our Fee Structure.

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